Photography as Art Seminar

Expanding Your Visual Imagination

Why do some photographs speak to your soul and remain in your memory long after you’ve turned away, while others fade more quickly? How do great artists and photographers engage with the viewer, spark their imagination and discover a new way of seeing?

The waters of the Ganges have long been regarded as purifying and sacred among the Hindu religion, due largely to the fact that the river originates high in the nearby Himalayas. In this photograph, a pilgrim sets out upon the Ganges as the sun rises above the distant shore.

Be one of the first to attend this groundbreaking, all-new seminar created for individuals who want to go beyond simply taking photos of a moment in time and instead make powerful artistic statements.

In this full-day seminar, you’ll learn that the beauty, emotion and versatility expressed through photography are matched only by the limits of your imagination. Using art history as a reference point, the seminar highlights common visual elements, from shape and space to texture and light, and shows you how to apply them to enhance your own compositions. You’ll explore innovative ways to translate conceptual ideas into creative results, learn how to spot the non-obvious, and uncover new ways to expand your visual imagination.

About Art Wolfe

ArtWolfe Olympic Peninsula WorkshopArt Wolfe is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose four decades of award-winning work have taken him to the farthest reaches of every continent on the globe. His photographs have appeared in hundreds of magazines and books and have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. He has published nearly 100 books, many of which are award-winners. With this extensive experience and his training as both a painter and educator, Art’s diverse background makes him ideally suited to illuminate subjects difficult to articulate yet central to the creative process: inspiration, passion, vision and imagination.

What you’ll take away
  • A booklet that outlines key points from the seminar, a valuable go-to resource long after the program ends
  • A new awareness of the working methods and accomplishments of artists and designers that will help you translate your conceptual ideas into creative results
  • Numerous tips on how to spark your imagination and tools to open up your creative thinking
  • The impetus to expand and challenge yourself on your journey to become a master of the craft
Who should attend
  • Amateur photographers seeking to move to the next level
  • Seasoned professionals wanting to maintain creative momentum
  • Novices looking to use photography to further creative expression
  • Art history, architecture, design and other professional creatives
  • Creative individuals wanting to spark their imagination


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If you feel as though your photography should be less about capturing the moment and more about intentionally creating an artistic composition, then Photography as Art is for you!


When I first began my professional career in the late 1970s, the challenges of photography were very different. Yes, cameras and films were primitive by today’s standards, but the true test was figuring out a subject and how to get it on film. There was no internet, travel to remote destinations was sketchy, and finding reliable local guides was largely through word of mouth.


Today, as even the most remote locations are widely accessible and photo-centric tours are proliferating, new challenges have arisen. For some, the challenge is to distinguish our photographs from those taken by fellow photographers traveling to the same destination or even on the same photo tour. For others, the challenge lies with maintaining enthusiasm and creativity when the more obvious subjects have been exhausted.


I’ve spent 40 years photographing professionally around the world, evolving both my style and subjects. Using the foundation provided by degrees in art history and art education, I’ll share concepts, tools and insights with you, helping you take your craft to the next level.


In Photography as Art, you’ll get a blueprint for maintaining enthusiastic curiosity while evolving your artistic expression. Join me on this incredible journey to discover your own aha! moments.

—Art Wolfe