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"My goal is nothing less than to change the way you see." — Art Wolfe

Pathways to Creativity

Free Your Mind from the Banal Bucket List!

Acclaimed photographer Art Wolfe has created a virtuoso course of artistic photographic composition. Infused with the wisdom, wit, and experience from a career spanning five decades, Pathways to Creativity is an epic learning experience for photographers and creatives of all backgrounds and professions.

You’ll learn that the beauty, emotion and versatility expressed through photography are matched only by the limits of your imagination. Pathways to Creativity highlights common visual elements, from shape and space to texture and light, and shows you how to apply them to enhance your own compositions. You’ll explore innovative ways to translate conceptual ideas into creative results, learn how to spot the non-obvious, and uncover new ways to expand your visual imagination.

What you’ll take away:

  • 12 roughly one-hour episodes, with a bonus 13th episode for those who purchase the full season
  • After purchase, stream released episodes any time, on demand.
  • A new awareness of the working methods and accomplishments of artists and designers that will help you translate your conceptual ideas into creative results
  • Numerous tips on how to spark your imagination and tools to open up your creative thinking
  • The impetus to expand and challenge yourself on your journey to become a master of the craft

Who is this for?

  • Amateur photographers seeking to move to the next level
  • Seasoned professionals wanting to maintain creative momentum
  • Novices looking to use photography to further creative expression
  • Art history, architecture, design and other professional creatives
  • Creative individuals wanting to spark their imagination

START ON YOUR PATHWAY TO CREATIVITY NOW! $29.95 per episode or $299 for all 13!

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E101: Composition Part 1

Art details how to find and isolate a composition to find beauty and meaning in the moment and simplicity in the scene.


E102: Composition Part 2

Art covers more aspects of composition and what visual calculations he makes when in the field, and extolls the virtue of liberating yourself from photographic expectations and the proverbial “bucket list”.


E103: Points of View

Art describes how to find the best point of view to tell the story of subject, and illustrates how even slight changes to your perspective can dramatically transform the mundane to the unique.


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E104: The Elements of Design

Art describes how the major elements of design such as pattern, line, and texture are often the forgotten tools in the creative photographer’s kit.


E105: My Lenses & How I use them

In this episode Art takes a look at the lenses he uses the most, and more importantly how he utilizes them to elevate his subject.


E106: The Big Picture

Art discusses capturing complete environments, from the complex the austere. Art discusses horizon placement, minimizing distracting elements, panoramic formats, and more!


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E107: Shutter Speeds

Art discusses shutter speeds – when to shorten them to complete freeze action, lengthen to soften the current of moving water, and everything in between.


E108: Depth of Field

Art describes how depth of field can be used in various ways to enhance your subject and the story you are telling.


E109: Using Light Part 1

The basic principle of photography is essentially “painting with light”. Art discusses common types of lighting and how he uses them to enhance his subject.


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E110: Using Light Part 2

Art continues his lesson on light, this time discussing reflected light, spotlight, and more.


E111: Color Theory

Why do certain colors evoke emotional responses, and how can elements like complimentary colors shape your image? Art explores this and much more about color theory.


E112: Establishing Relationships

From high above, the landscapes of the world become abstract metaphors for the environments they encompass.


Release Date: 8/25/2020   Release Date: TBD
S1 Bonus Episode: Atmospheric Considerations

In this exclusive bonus episode available to those who have purchased the entirety of season 1, Art talks cultures and how their similarities and differences are fuel for creativity.