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"My goal is nothing less than to change the way you see." — Art Wolfe


Here’s what people are saying about their experiences.

Photography As Art Seminars

Ausstellung Art Wolfe
photo by Tim Riediger / Nordpool

“It was a phenomenal seminar. Every photographer and any artist of other medias should take it. The educator in me would like to see this brought to every student of all ages.” —Robert S.

“Highly recommended! I couldn’t wait to grab my camera and try some of the techniques that Art shared today. The images we saw were stunning. Art explained a very difficult concept seemingly with ease and inspired the attendees to see photography in a different way.” —Patti E.

Taking Art Wolfe’s “Photography As Art” seminar was a paradigm shift in how I see EVERYTHING! I highly recommend attending this seminar if you can.” —Leise W.

Japan workshop participants, Japan

North American Field Workshops

“My daughter and I both got a lot out of the workshop, not only just from Art, but also from all of the other instructors who took the time to help us. I finally understand why I haven’t liked any of my shots of reflections, and have a plan now to work on that when I get such a subject in the future.
Both of us left the workshop very inspired and tired. It will take some time to really understand everything, but I know something special happened when Art challenged us to find an image outside. I will look at my photography a lot differently now, going forward from here, because I will always remember what happened when I looked at that scummy pond, said “bleagh”, turned around, and found something unexpectedly beautiful. I feel like I’ve been given a new gift – a new way of seeing things. It’s hard to explain in words, but I feel very excited and challenged to improve my photography. Bravo!” —Marissa S.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect before the workshop started but now that I completed it, I feel you have opened my thought process to express my photography in ways I would have never have tried on my own.” —Bill F.

Art of Composition Seminar

“I just wanted to pass on great thanks from my family and I. My brother and I brought our mother to both the seminar and the lecture at the Mid-Atlantic Photography Expo, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Art’s passion easily comes across. I found it very inspiring myself, but was also moved by how much my mother enjoyed it. She has been learning to use her point and shoot camera, experimenting with composition. When she heard my brother and I talking about Art coming to town it sparked her interest. She’s seen several episodes of Travels to the Edge on PBS and really enjoyed them. My father and I worked out purchasing tickets for her for the weekend. She was excited but nervous the entire thing would be way over her head. She was worried it would be a day filled with tech talk she doesn’t yet understand. I’m happy to say she had a tremendous time and seems to have gotten a lot out of the experience. She’s already started talking about how she’s going to try applying what she learned and how she wants to learn more about how to control her camera. And she’s said she looks forward to watching the rest of the Travels to the Edge episodes, which I’ve started bringing over when I have Sunday dinners with my folks. So thank you to Art for a fantastic weekend, for the inspiring images and words, and his great sense of humor. And thank you for bringing a bit more joy to my mother’s life. I truly appreciate it.” —Todd H.

“I have pursued photography for over 51 years and finally feel someone has shared insights into composition and the mental portion of photography that have eluded me for these many years. My camera has not left my hand since I awoke at our mountain cabin this morning. I am as energized as I was when I received my first camera and loaded my first roll of 620 film. I cannot thank Art enough for sharing that cloudy day in Atlanta.” —Bob G.

Palouse Workshop, Washington

“Experiencing an Art Wolfe lecture is a journey into the mind of a master photographer. Art takes you along as he finds striking graphics hidden within the chaos of our surroundings. I highly recommend attending.” —John S.


“Art Wolfe is a great speaker. He was very engaging with the audience, and the lecture materials were used in a great way. After this experience I now consider joining one of his international workshops because I know now how much I can learn from him. He is willing to share his techniques and experience with the participants.” —Elif M.


“Art’s selections of lecture topics were precisely what I needed. Art’s descriptions of the scene, coupled with presentation of the critical aspects of the design and composition in the photographs were very enlightening.
Throughout the day, the seminar was filled with hundreds of exquisite images, candid and honest descriptions of how these images were created, and discussion of many photographic topics. Art’s warm, informal interpersonal style led to a great atmosphere for learning. Even though Art is easily at the top of the field, he is very approachable and easy to talk with.” —Daniel S.


“Although Wolfe is known mainly for his landscape, nature and wildlife photography, this workshop was about the Art of Composition, and applies to virtually all photographic subjects. Without hesitation it was the best photography workshop I have ever attended. By best I mean he combines the finest qualities of artist, photographer and teacher (including the ability to entertain), which is a rare combination today.” —Laurie N.

International Photography Tours

“I have long admired Art Wolfe’s photography and the artistic strengths he brings to his images. Joining his photo tour to Myanmar, I expected to visit amazing locations and make some great photographs within the settings as chosen by Art and his assistant Gavriel. The reality far exceeded these expectations as Art and Gavriel’s skill in connecting with people, coupled with our guide’s expert knowledge of the places we visited, made every day exceptional. The beautiful images made all came while having a great time traveling together, eating delicious food, traveling easily (whether by van, boat, plane or hot air balloon) and staying in very comfortable accommodations. What I did not anticipate, and what made this tour outstanding, was the openness with which Art shared his keen eye for composition, color and the extra elements added (or subtracted) that can elevate an image into something special. Both Art and Gavriel openly shared their methods of approaching every scene, the images they visualized making and then the steps they took to create them. The conversations while on location and constructive critiques of images made by the group, has made a tangible difference in my photography. Further, the clarity of my own vision has jumped forward as a direct result of Art’s mentorship. To share in Art’s thought process from imagining an idea through to realizing it as an image is an incredible opportunity for any photographer. I am already planning for my next tour with Art Wolfe’s team.” —Chris M.

Japan workshop participants, Japan

“In retrospect of my recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia I like to thank Art and Gavriel for their wonderful help and assistance during our travels to interesting places. I always seemed to be in trouble with my awkward tripod, the technical aspects of my camera, etc. But Gavriel and Art were present, helped and blocked out the technical difficulties to make a decent shot. How much did I learn!!! Many, many thanks. I have a different approach towards photography now. I am not only reporting a trip in images, I am composing my picture. Your way of looking at a scene had quite an impact on my photographic approach. Thank you, Art and Gavriel for inspiring me. Photography will be a lifelong passion, I cannot stop anymore.” —Sigi B.

Art Wolfe Creative Sessions

“Without question your program was hands-down the best of any seminar I’ve attended. Your challenge to find beauty and meaning in the world and to create images that are visually engaging and that communicate a message is inspiring. You challenged us all to be better.” —Connie M.


“Your presentations were challenging, informative, and highly educational, but more importantly, they were exciting and inspirational- beyond all my expectations.” —Raleigh W.