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Wild Lives Photo Tour: Katmai Alaska August

July 31 - August 6

| $11500

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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife photography expedition led by the renowned artist, Art Wolfe, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Katmai National Park. Join us for an immersive tour where the untamed beauty of nature meets the expertise of one of the world’s foremost wildlife photographers.

Katmai’s pristine wilderness, with its towering mountains and untouched landscapes, provides the perfect canvas for capturing the essence of wildlife in their natural habitat. Under Art Wolfe’s guidance, delve into the art and science of wildlife photography, learning to tell compelling stories through your lens.

Art Wolfe’s wealth of experience and unparalleled insight into wildlife behavior ensures that participants, regardless of their skill level, will gain invaluable knowledge. Through hands-on sessions and personalized guidance, you’ll refine your technique, hone your observational skills, and create images that resonate with the spirit of the wild.

You will have opportunities to view and photograph bears safely and will be creating dynamic images that are different than anything you have seen before. This is a Katmai experience like no other due to the exclusivity of the location and the expert guidance. You can be one of only 10 people to learn the nuances of nature photography taught in a truly wild atmosphere by a well-versed set of instructors.


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Led by Art Wolfe
Assisted by Gavriel Jecan

Limited to 8 participants
Moderate hiking involved


Transportation and Accommodation

  • All meals during the workshop, lodging, and transportation to and from the lodge is included. You will be responsible for your flight to and from Anchorage Alaska and for your hotel in Anchorage. You are requested to arrive by July 31st so that the entire group can convene the morning of Aug 1st for departure.
  • We will provide hotel information for where the group will be staying. You will need to reach out to the hotel directly to secure your room reservation. You are not required to stay at the suggested lodge, as there are other options nearby.

Activity Level

The activity level for this workshop is moderate with proposed field outings that may involve approximately 4 miles of hiking over uneven ground to the photographic location. However there are alternate options for those that may not want to hike as much. If there is any question regarding your ability to participate please call our office.


Shooting schedules have the ability to be altered to effectively cater to the photographic desires of the group, as well as to adapt to changeable weather conditions.

Day 1 July 31st
  • Meet and greet with the rest of the participants 6pm July 31st no host dinner at restaurant in Anchorage. Everyone can introduce themselves, and prepare for the departure the following day. (Art Wolfe will not be attending this meeting as he will already be at the lodge.)
Day 2 Aug 1
  • Approximately 8:00am -Depart Anchorage for Katmai lodge
  • Cabin assignments, waders and boots provided to each participant for trip, and settling in to lodge
  • Discussion of proper procedures around bears and the float plane
Day 3,4,5,6
  • Breakfast at lodge, and lunches distributed for field
  • Full day in the field with Art and Gavriel
  • Flight back to lodge
  • Download images from the day. Dinner at lodge
  • Art and Gavriel provide feedback at the lodge on everyone’s images and provide suggestions for the following days in the field.
Day 7 Aug 6
  • The group will go out into the field one more time before departure for Anchorage.
  • Arrive in Anchorage at approximately 9:30am. **Please check with Libby Pfeiffer before making your flight arrangements to confirm the arrival time back in Anchorage.**


The past week in the back country of Alaska has surpassed all of my craziest dreams and expectations. A week long fellowship with Art Wolfe, Gavriel Jecan and 7 other amazing photographers has resulted in new friends, endless inspiration, a lot of learning, and a permanent smile on my face. Simply being in the presence of some of the most incredible animals I have ever had the privilege of shooting was amazing, and to have the opportunity to learn from Art and Gavriel made it even more spectacular. Sitting by the river and watching Alaskan brown bears fish for salmon or standing in a wide open field as 3 cubs playfully tormented their tolerant and loving mother are certainly experiences I will never forget.

—Jenny A.


I had a amazing time with Art and Gavriel and the rest of the gang on our trip to Iliamna to photograph the brown bears.  I am so happy with my photos!  And it was an astounding experience being out in the wild with the bears so close and just being bears – paying no attention to us at all!   I had to keep pinching myself so that I would know it was real.  Laura and Gerry were terrific hosts at the lodge – the beds were comfortable, and the food was good.  Gerry and the other float plane pilot who took us to the bears every day were both wonderful.   I highly recommend this trip!

—Sandra Nelson

It is the last frontier, a place where wild dominates humankind. A place known as the land of the midnight sun, here alpenglow lasts for hours, not minutes. Imagine venturing into this wilderness where the bears do not fear humans, where the minimal human population has learned and adapted to live in harmony with them. The bears rule, not only because they are strong, large, and on the top of their food chains, but because the humans believe that they should. Now imagine being able to capture photos of these magnificent creatures from 15 feet away. This is Alaska!

Instead of concentrating only on f-stops and equipment, we will work on composition, imagination, and the control of every element in the image. We do more than just take you to the location; we help you to maximize your creative and technological skills as a photographer.


July 31
August 6
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